Poneze Mare Anal Pullout2 1

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  • 2022-09-20 22:23:15 Poopholeplumber:

    Such a 0owerful and fitting look, seeing a male's human penis plugged, snugged, and enjoying the best experience a human penis can ever have. Not only do horses poop out large turds, making it easy for the anus to react in a more flexible and cooperative manor, but by using a dildo with a smooth, round, and bulky knob at the end, constantly pushing in and out of the horse's rectal opening, will allow the anus to be even more flexible, making it's poophole give in with using very little pressure when plugging the tip in. The texture of a horse's anus is like a silky, wet gloss of shiney and slippery skin that has an elastic texture. Can you imagine what would be going through your head? The intense and rich feel of your dick plunging in gracefully with no resistance? Feeling your member encased and swallowed às it is comfortably buried in the anal canal, pushing in deeper to the root of your penis? The feeling should be very good and rewarding, making a horse's poophole very penis friendly to plug in, fuck, and ejaculate in.

  • 2022-08-18 03:51:26 McNutter :

    That's looks like a lot of fun. To stick your dick up this animal's beefy asshole must feel lovely, sloshing you penis around a poophole full of warm and soft shit, must feel fucking great.

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